Thursday, May 17, 2012

My airbrush setup

Raindrops are falling on my head...
Wait! Wrong context :)
After plaing around for some days with my airbrush and feeling like a soldier who can disassemble his gun while sleeping I think I can finally show my setup. Because I bought a complete set I can't say how much the parts would cost. The whole set charges around ~200€ in germany. In the following I will try to go through the different parts I have bought and in use.


In the set the compressor is called AS 186 but on the compressor itself it is the Willtec TC-20T. It is a single cylinder piston compressor, is oil free, has a 3l tank and an operating pressure between 0,35 - 2,5 bar. It is low noice (about 45 db)and can operate brushes with needles between 0,2mm - 1,0mm. And it has a water filter, pressure regulator and manometer. Everything you need to paint.
I think it is a good choice for the money (it costs about 100€) because it is not too loud even if your tank is empty (it only lasts ~30 seconds with my 0,3mm pistol). You can have a conversation when the tank is filling up and if you are listening to music while you paint you will barely notice the pumping.

Cleaning Pot

Standard cleaning pot. Nothing fancy, but works for me as airbrush holder and is pretty useful. I think you can get it from ~10-15€.


In my set there where two brushes included: one with a 0,3mm needle and a big paintpot and a pistol with a 0,2mm needle and a smaller paintpot. Both are double action, gravity feed and have a regulator to adjust the maximum of paint you will push through the gun. I think the prices for the guns are arround 55€ for each.

Fengda FL-C 12209

The one with the 0,3mm needle. Has a pretty big paintpot and does well for most of the stuff I do at the moment.

Fengda FL-B2 12066

The fineline brush with a 0,2mm needle and small paintpot. Actually I didn't use this one until today because I fear doing small stuff at the moment. Seems it is out of production because I didn't find the brush I have on the Fengda webshop.


Since I haven't any experience with other brushes I could just sum up the things I experienced and my thoughts on the pistols:
First thing I had to do with both brushes was a complete disassembling of both brushes since the o-rings didn't fit nicely and the brushes didn't work as smoothly as I expected. After that everything worked fine.
Another thing I must think about is the clogging of the pistol, seems I haven't found the right water:paint ratio yet. Sometimes everything works fine and sometimes I can feel how the handling of pistol is getting worse and worse and even full bursts of air/paint do not help.
Last thing is that I really had big respect of the cleaning of the guns, because you often read "order 2 needles, the first one will break after the first cleaning" "be very careful not to bend your needle when you clean it" and so on and so on. Really? Disassembled the gun, cleaned everything, assembled it. Done. It is no witchcraft! If you every crafted something or worked on the hardware of your pc or something like this, you KNOW that you shouldn't use brute force to achieve things. Same with the airbrush...

I think they are OK. For the purposes and the skill I have, they are good enough. A fried of mine has a badger gun, I think I have to test it out to get a better feeling and a possibility to compare.

Hope this was somewhat interesting.

So long,

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