Friday, April 27, 2012

Terrain from spare parts - Part 2: Stack of wood

Seems terrain from spare parts really gets a series on my blog. Part 2 contains another terrain piece made completly out of stuff I had on my workingtable and from junk I would have thrown away otherwise . Its nothing fancy or even big, but it fits nicely to my growing village ;) A small stack of wood:

Stack of wood

Monday, April 23, 2012

Peeking on my working table

Alright, spring is in full progress. The weather is typical for april: 5 minutes sun, 10 minutes rain and in the morning there was a snow and ice warning in the radio... Really, I'm not joking.

What could be more obvious than taking time to dust off my workbench and make place for my new projects. Since I also want to buy an airbrush and compressor I really needed to shift some things on my table and boards around me. Et voilà: 

This is were the magic happens...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Papercut models - Cheap way for wargaming buildings

Another way to achieve quick and not too bad looking terrain pieces are papercut models. After a quick research I found some free blueprints for a house and a cottage. Since I only wanted to test how papercuts work and will look on the table, I tried the smallest blueprint I had.

The process is really easy, you just need a sheet of paper with heavy grain, a cutter and scissor, some glue and a piece of cardboard to glue the base on:

From the front
From a different angle

Not too bad for a free modell and only 30 minutes of work. To improve the overal look of the modell I painted the edges in appropriate colors after I took the photos.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Emotional commercial

Some time ago I saw a really emotional and surprising commercial in tv. A few minutes ago I saw it again on Youtube and again I am just flashed by it. So it seems to be obvious that I should share it to you.
Since it is in german, let the emotions do the work. I think the message is understandable for everybody.

Enjoy your day and be open for anyone.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Terrain made of aquarium decoration

Because we have two cats, we are pretty often in pet shops in our area. And since I re-started with the wargaming hobby, I always looked out for stuff to build cheap and easy terrain pieces with. Not long ago I found some big trees in the fish department and I took a closer look and instantly bought the piece.
I don't remeber the manufacturer or the store where I bought it, but it was around 4-5€ and is really tall (measures 10 cm in width and 11cm in height).

I just glued it on an old CD, sanded the base, drybrushed everything and gave a quick painting shot for the glowing warpstone. Et voilà, a warped tree is finished:

Shot to see the warpstone
Shot to see the broken bark
and the glowing warpstone

Inspirational music

Perhaps you know the film "Ghost in the Shell" which is based on the mangas from Masamune Shirow. If not: Its definitly worth looking if you are interested in SciFi and/or animes. But whats really outstanding is the soundtrack of the movies and the series. So just pump up the volume and enjoy the musical landscape Kenji Kawai is producing:

So long,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lucky strike - Sites you find by chance

Today I stumbled across a page that i didn't expect in the search result of my preferred search engine. I researched some pictures for a terrain project of mine and Surprise! see what I found here (be warned the page is in german). The guys there (whoever they are) show some nice terrain pieces for fantasy wargaming on their page and even have some minor advices how they build them.

So long,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inspirational basing tutorials

By chance I found on Youtube the channel of Buypainted. As it seems they run a painting commision studio, but I found interesting that they have a whole bunch of great tutorial videos hosted on Youtube.
Apart from the standard "how do I paint model XYZ" I really liked the "how do I make themed bases" series. So I thought: "Why not share with everyone?". And here it is:

I hope you like them as I do.

Stay tuned and enjoy your time.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Terrain from spare parts - Part 1.1: Even more fences

In the last part I showed how i made a easy fence out of spare sprues. On my workbench I have even more sprues (really! :) ) so I tried to make another fence. This time I used a bit of styrodur (polystyrol foam) to get a different look.

The steps a very similar as described in the first part. The only difference is that I cut out some blocks from the styrodur and carved in some brickwork.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Music to start the day

Another video of a really great Skyrim cover played by a violin:

Terrain from spare parts - Part 1: Fences

Every wargamer has lots of it: Sprues from your miniatures. Most of the time they are just thrown away but i thought of trying to use them to make some cheap terrain. A quick search on google just gave me some inspiration and I tried to make something out of the material lying arround:

Needed material:
  • some spare sprues (obviously)
  • MDF or thick cardboard
  • sand
  • white glue
  • paint
  • static gras
  • a cutter and some brushes

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Skaven warhost - sneak peak

Here is a quick peak on my skaven warhost. Just three shelves in my display cabinet. The rest of the army is in deep slumber in my Feldherr XL miniature case (sharing it with big parts of my dark elf army).

Most of the army in its display case

Inspirational music

Some great music to listen to while painting:

One voice and one violin. Great cover from the game Skyrim.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

HowTo: Building a swamp

Creating a swamp for your gaming table

In this small tutorial I want to show a short howto for building a swamp for your gaming table. Most of the stuff needed must not be bought every painter or terrain crafter should have the things at home.

Needed material:
  • old and/or broken CD
  • old newspaper
  • modelling putty like Fimo, Greenstuff etc.
  • dry plant parts
  • sand
  • white glue
  • UHU (transparent glue)
  • paint
Some of the needed material

Welcome aboard!

Paradox0ns Wargamin Blog opens its doors!

After some time of thinking and fighting with myself if I should really open up my own blog, I couldn't resist to do so. Many great painters and crafters inspire me every day and even if i'm far from beeing as good as them, I still want to try to give some of this enthusiasm and joy back to the community. And if I can give some helpful hints and tips I am more than happy to do so.

So I welcome you on my blog and hope I can fill it with live in the future. I also hope that my english is not too bad since I am not a native speaker ;)

Enjoy painting and crafting wherever you are and "Happy Painting" as the guys from Massive Voodoo always say.

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