Friday, September 28, 2012

Package from Mantic Games - Abyssal Dwarves

As I told you at my review of the Kings of War Rulebook, the package from Mantic Games contained not only the rulebook but also a whole bunch of sprues and sachets with the Abyssal Dwarves. This is only the first delivery, the bonus sprues and the new Immortal Guard still wait for production and the other new bonus miniatures will be shipped next spring I hope. Can't wait to get them :)

My first "backer" package from Mantic Games

Rather chaotic and many many things I have to build in the future. And my Dark Elves and Skaven aren't even completly build together. Damn hobby addiction. If I want to paint them all, I'll have to quit my job and lock me up in my painting room for a year or two :)
So yes, I have many things to do and hopefully I won't fill my "Desk of Shame" even more. But motivation returned, I hope I can finish my tower soon and convince Labschi to do some more hobby sessions in the near future (the coming winter* will help to do so I think).

So long,

*"Winter is coming!" was the first thing I wanted to write. Damn I'm also too addicted to good fantasy novels/movies/series :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Kings of War - Rulebook

As I was one of the backers of the Mantic Kings of War Kickstarter I got a nice package a few days ago. In there where the first part of my Abyssal Dwarfs (more of them later) and the printed version of the Kings of War Rulebook. I thought I'll do a short review about it so here it comes!

Front view of the cover Back view of the cover
Front view of the cover Back view of the cover

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weathering techniques - Videos from Mac McCalla

I found some nice videos for wheathering techniques by Mac McCalla and collected them into a playlist. Some very useful tips there, hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

So long,

Friday, September 14, 2012

Life signs

Hello my dear readers!

Sorry for not posting this long. After my summer flu I got haunted by a terrible migraine and afterwards my health was really not as good as I hoped. Additionaly I had a rather stressful time at work (including the preparation of my first english talk on a brown bag session in my company).

But at the moment everything is getting back into shallow waters so I hope to find the time and the patience for posting again. Many things happened, for example I got some new Vallejo stuff I wanted to do reviews about and the first delivery from mantic after the kickstarter arrived.

So be prepared for posting time again :)

So long,

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