Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Vacation! Finally!

Trolltunga in Norway | Copyright by Visit Norway
Trolltunga in Norway
Finally I am off to Norway! Should have been there already for more than a week but due to some health issues of my wife we had to let my sister-in-law and partner travel without us.

But now we will catch up and meet them in Bergen and enjoy the second half of the trip together. Too bad that we missed the good weather and jump right into rain and storm (nice since we want to sleep in our tent). So cross your fingers that the weather will get better soon and I don't have to fear that my tent is blown away in the night ;)

Plan is to visit Bergen, Finse, Trondheim, Trollheimen, maybe Jotunheimen, Oslo and some stuff in between, Then back to the ferry which brings us to Denmark and finally a 14 hours drive back to Germany.

Outdoor adventure here I come!

See you in about two weeks!

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