Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Painting workshops - The fear of failure?!

Painting workshops - The fear of failure
Perhaps you have already read the great day by day coverage of Mr. Lee about a painting workshop in Aachen (if not: do it, its worth a read). These articles made me think over some things and I just felt like having to write down my thoughts WHY I always missed the opportunity to go to one of those, even if they are only one or two hours away from me. I always look into the description of the announcements of the workshops in the big tabletop forums (perhaps I should add Brushbrothers in the future too) and especially the ones from Massive Voodoo or GeOrc always get me itchy and I'm always thinking and thinking and don't register myself in the end.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Still alive

Hey dear readers,

I'm still alive... Had to fight some health issues and some stress at work but I hope I can return to post again in a few days. Have already planned on some stuff and only need to shoot some photos.
So stay tuned for some stuff of Hobby Basics and Reviews.

Wish me luck :)


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