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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Papercut - Small house

Papercut house from 5th edition starterbox - Front Papercut house from 5th edition starterbox - Back
Since my Photobucket is too small I just had to shoot this one on my cutting mat. Therefore the green background. As the posted Shack a while ago, this is the papercut house from the 5th edition starterbox from Warhammer Fantasy.

As the shack this was just glued on a cardboard base, flocked with static grass and the folding lines where painted in the corresponding colors. Again nothing fancy but it does its job pretty good (and this since the late 90ies). This is why the base is slightly warped, I think this thingy was based in the late 90ies and saw lots of games in this time :)

So long,

P.S.: Again a new passenger on board! Welcome Peter, your blog already is in my blogroll and thanks for commenting :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Papercut - Shack

Papercut shack: Front Papercut shack: Back
Just a short update on my papercut section. Perhaps you have seen this terrain piece already in my battle reports. But I just wanted to upload some close ups. This is the small shack which was included in the 5th edition starterbox for Warhammer Fantasy. So yes, pretty old this thing and pretty much documents my hobby career. This was the second starterbox our playing group bought and I think I have the box somehwere flying around :)
This is really nothing fancy, I just glued it onto a base and painted the edges in the appropriate color to mask the white cardboard. Back then we only worked with thick cardboard for bases but as you can see they warp over time. I won't re-base it because I fear that I will destroy the shack itself while doing it.

Enlightenment of the day: I need a bigger photobox, my photobucket is too small for bigger pieces. Otherwise I would have completed the post with the corresponding house. So that will be something for another post.

So long,

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Papercut models - Cheap way for wargaming buildings

Another way to achieve quick and not too bad looking terrain pieces are papercut models. After a quick research I found some free blueprints for a house and a cottage. Since I only wanted to test how papercuts work and will look on the table, I tried the smallest blueprint I had.

The process is really easy, you just need a sheet of paper with heavy grain, a cutter and scissor, some glue and a piece of cardboard to glue the base on:

From the front
From a different angle

Not too bad for a free modell and only 30 minutes of work. To improve the overal look of the modell I painted the edges in appropriate colors after I took the photos.

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