Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Calming the waves

Nichiren Calming the Seas by Kuniyoshi
Yes, I am still alive. I did take a short break to (hopefully) calm down the spambot waves a bit. Through my latest posting and pushing rhythm it seems I got quite the attention of a lot of spambots. I could see a LOT of doubtable referer URLs in my statistics and also got some spam in the comments.On the one hand, attention is nice but on the other hand only if its from real readers and not just sutpid bots.

Meanwhile I did change my about page a bit, to reflect the latest changes in the hobby.

Finally I got the pictures from the shipmodels convention I visited a week ago. Just scanning through them and finding the best for a short report :)

Also my Warmachine/horde battle report is still waiting. One ie preproduced and the other one is in the making.

So stay tuned,

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hobby Magazines: Wyrd Chronicles Issue #17

And another magazine I nearly missed! Wyrd Chronicles Issue No. 17 is out since beginning of April. And I can only say: Fear the Bunny! Really awesome cover here ;)

Wyrd Chronicles No. 17
In this issue you can find among others:
  • Festival Day: It's a Wyrd Earth Day story
  • Building a Park: Learn how to assemble some fantastic terrain!
  • Smuggler's Run: A one-shot adventure for Through the Breach
  • Luther the Pascha Hare: A hare raising tale full of cuddly (and nod so cuddly) bunnies
  • Tyrannus' Tutelary: A guide to painting the War Wabbit
  • Painting Contest Winners: Frozen Moments
  • Painting Contest Winners: Crystal Brush

My favorite article this time is the tutorial for building the park. Very good ideas and tips in there and it looks really cool!
So even if you are not playing Malifaux, you can find some interesting stuff in here.

So long,

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hobby Magazines: Ironwatch Issue #32

Issue #32 of Ironwatch Magazine, the Mantic Games Fanzine has arrived in the beginning of April. I nearly missed it so with a bit delay my post.
    Ironwatch Issue #32
As usual it contains a nice mixture of Kings of War, Warpath and all Mantic related topics like:
  • Iron Forge
  • The Battle of Gawick Upon Tibble
  • The Bloodstone of Cerillion
  • Tutorial: How to Paint Dreadball Xtreme Convicts
  • Building it Up for Those Damn Martians to Tear Down
  • and many more
I especially like the Mars Attacks tutorial from Terrain Tutor, since I also followed the process on his Youtube channel.

If you haven't checked already, take a look, its free and fanmade and totally supported by Mantic. I like this pretty much therefore I to spread the word as usual :)

So long,

Monday, April 13, 2015

MMM - Anyone alive out there?

Another episode of my Monday Morning Musings (and Music). Today I am asking myself if anybody is still reading the stuff I post. There was not much feedback on the last stuff I posted which dampens my motivation for posting a bit at the moment.
As you all know, comments are a bloggers best friend (also like/shares etc.pp. help to keep a good mood). So if you still read my stuff, I would be happy if you find some time to post a small comment from time to tome, even a "sucks" or "great" if you have not much time.
I see that I have lots of visits (increasing from month to month) and sometimes up to nearly 300 a day but no active participation like comments or likes/shares in the social media.

Therefore I shout out in the blogosphere: Is anybody out there?! with some hardcore music from Neophyte:

Warmachine/Hordes battlereport Nr. 3 is already done and will be posted this week. I also had a fourth game last Monday. Sadly I took no pictures but I will give you a short summary nonetheless.

So long,

And another new follower. A warm "Welcome!" to Alejandro Lii. Take a seat, grab some tea and enjoy the ride. If you have a blog, please tell me, that I can add you to my blogroll.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Warmachine/Hordes: Batrep Nr.2 - Legion vs. Khador

Since my Legion of Everblight 2-Player-Box arrived some time ago, Numbdice and Me met for a gaming session and sent our wives on a party :) After scanning through the rulebook and all my stuff, we decided to start with a Mangled Metal match so that I can learn the rules a bit more and get a feeling for the Legion of Everblight.

We grabbed some terrain pieces from my board, got 4 pieces of my modular table and created a terrain which we thought would be nice to play on.

Since Mangled Metal is normally only played with the contents of a battle box, I played pLylyth, 4 Shredders and a Carnivean. My opponent had eSorsha, Juggernaut, Berserker and a Kodiak. Not exactly a battle box but in the points limit and so we played exactly that :)

First round wasn't really spectacular, everything moved forward and we stared each other into the eyes (or whatever Lylyth has). I had to be careful with my Fury since Lylyth can only soak 5 points so with running I was already at the limit.

The second round was a bit more interesting since I didn't run anymore but used the Animus of my lesser beasts to make tough Lylyth and the Carnivean a bit more durable. Lylyth moved into the woods do hide herself and get a bit of shooting into the Jacks.

The Berserker moved in direction of the woods, the other two Jacks charged my Shredders (exactly what I hoped they would do).
On the picture you can see my selfmade tokens in action :)

In the third round the fighting really began, the Berserker battled against my Carnivean, the Kodiak and Juggernaut killed my Shredders and Lylyth bushwacked into safety. At the end of the round, the Berserker exploded and left a pile of garbage in the woods.

All in all I was pretty lucky that nothing more happened to me and the bit of damage I got could be either mitigated or soaked.

So I prepared for the last round of battle, because my Lylyth stood in a good shooting position on Sorsha. And with an Assault order I could also spray on her with my Carnivean. And exactly that I did. The result of: 2 boosted shots on her -> Witch Blood and Parasite and a Carnivean spray you can see on the left picture :)

Win through caster kill. I was really happy with the result, because if that wouldn't have worked, I would have been dead in this or the next round. All my Shredders were killed and my Carnivean can not stand up against 2 Jacks. So it was all or nothing at this point.

Lessons learned in this game:

- Don't forget when to Feat!
- Shredders are nice cannon fodder and can annoy but will not win you a game. Take one for the Animus on your caster
- Lylyth's ability to shoot and move out of the way and THEN cast her stuff is great
- Carnivean is not so bad as thought. Spraying and then close combat is quite effective, especially on feat turn

And we had some spectators on the game. Loki, one of my cats, took a seat and had a suspicious look what we are doing :)

Was a really nice evening, with lots of talking and beer drinking and stuff. Sadly I couldn't convince Labschi from the game. Otherwise I would have playing mate directly in reach.
The second game awaited us then on the next day.

Hope you enjoyed this short battle report. The game was already some time ago, so I also could have forgotten something. But in the main it should be OK. If something is unclear, please ask ;)

So long,

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hordes: Reinforcements arrived

Doppelpost today! Okay so I still have my big package flying around with lots of fancy stuff I want to use in the future for my Legion of Everblight force.

In this picture you not only can see the All-in-One army box. But also the UAs (unit attachements) for my Ogryn Warspeers and my Strider Rangers. Also you can see two more Acolytes for the Spawning Vessel to make it a big unit, a Forsaken and a Swamp Gobber crew.
Plus there is the official template set.

Aaand I was running out of or missing washes. Especially a blue and a purple one is needed, so I opted for the Warpaints Inks because I heard lots of positive stuff from them. Let's see if they are really this good.

And I am still owing you some Warmachine/Hordes battle reports. But I had too much on my mind and nearly no motivation to really blog. If you follow me on the social medias you may have seen that I am still alive because I made some advertisement for the Wasteman kickstarter which was successfully funded this weekend. Very happy that someone can make his hobby to his work :)

So long,

Happy Easter to everyone

Today only a very short post: I wish all of you a Happy Easter. Hope you can party with your family and have some nice free days.

And a warm welcome to Kodos der Henker. Have a seat, take some tee and cookies. And enjoy the ride.

So long,

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