Monday, July 28, 2014

MMM: Bülent Ceylan - Nichts besondres

Todays MMM has a special reason: Last weekend I enjoyed the new program of Bülent Ceylan, a german comedian, which was a gift from my wife for my birthday a week ago. I knew him until now only from TV or DVD but Live on Stage he is even better!  And this song really surprised me the most.
Since the audio is in german, I think it could be a bit disappointing for my english audience but maybe you can grasp the feeling of the song:

Its a song about being nothing special and taking life as it is, be it good or be it bad. The chorus struck me (roughly translated):
"Many laugh only because they don't want to weep,
what did the life do to you?
Do you want a better the world,
start with the one you see in the mirror!
Every tear contains a rainbow,
only in the darkness you can't see it.
I know the stars are above,
and a small shine is enough for me"

So long,

Friday, July 18, 2014

[Update] Man the trenches! Fighting the spam wave

Most of you will not have seen the change but nonetheless I will give you a short update and explanation why I changed my blog comments and added the captcha although I am not a friend of this.

In the last weeks where I have been absent from the blogosphere some spambots seem to have taken over my blog and bombard me with one spam mail after the other. At the moment the number it is somewhere around 30-40 a day. Luckily blogger filters 99% of them out so that they don't get published on the blog itself. But nonetheless a notification mail is send to me about that.

So please let me get away with this breaking of rules until I have found a better solution.

[Update] Since so many of you commented here, and gave me the tip to switch to disallow unregistered comments, I thought about that and decided to give it a try. So please my fellow anonymous users who really want to comment use some kind of OpenID or just drop me an email.
Captchas are therefore off again.

So long,

Friday, July 11, 2014

Painting Buddha Season 1.2 and Season 1.3 arrived

Painting Buddha Season 1.2 Freehand and Season 1.3 Basing: EarthWhat a nice surprise today, when the DHL guy came this afternoon with a small white package for me. I already new what it was so I couldn't resist and tear it open immediately. And as expected it contained the Painting Buddha Season 1.2 Freehand and Season 1.3 Basing: Earth. The package was really packed with the bonus stuff for the early beard and it seems Michael stood up to his promise and adjusted the postage for the package. Included was a short letter, personally signed by all the three guys behind Painting Buddha, the putty, the miniature (early beard stuff) and some small buttons (no clue what they are for).

I am really curious how the DVDs are, especially in comparison to Season 1.1 the first one of the series. So I will have a nice weekend watching those and will definitely do a review for those. And don't they look nice together? All Season 1 DVDs so far:
All Painting Buddha Season 1 DVDs

So long,

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Painting Tutorial from Biohazard Painting: Dust Axis Light Walker "Hans"

Dust Axis Light Walker "Hans" from Biohazard Painting
If you are interested in Dust maybe I have found an interesting painting tutorial for you:
Biohazard Painting posted a nice tutorial for the Axis Light Walker "Hans" on his blog. The picture on the left shows the finished model and is directly taken from the article.

He also has some other tutorials on his page (at the moment mainly for Sedition Wars) so maybe you can have a look there too.

So long,

Saturday, July 5, 2014

FotW - The expert

Another Finding of the Week. This time completely unrelated to our beloved hobby but related to my daily work. Oh how I can feel with the poor guy in here.

Have a nice weekend!

So long,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Painting a Fire elemental with Ben Komets from Painting Buddha

I am still alive and digging through videos and sometimes even blogposts. But my private projects (planing a hiking tour in Norway and the needed training) or my aquarium (which made some troubles lately) keep me away from painting and even blogging.
But today I stumbled upon a very nice (and free) painting video from our brudahs at Painting Buddha where Ben Komets paints a tabletop quality version of a Drakerys Fire Elemental. So sit back, watch and enjoy:

And as much as I hate advertisement mails, the one from Michael got me rolling and I will surely save me an Early Beard (so funny!) for the season 1.2/1.3 DVD bundle. I loved the first DVD set they did and want to support the work the guys at Painting Buddha do.

So long,

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