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Thursday, December 4, 2014

It is this time of the year again...

Fitting to all the Nurgle stuff in the End Times I jumped forward and "volunteered" for a cold this week... Therefore no Monday Morning Music/Musings and no progress in painting at all. At the moment I am happy that I can sit at my tablet and read all your blogs and take some time in between to write this blogpost now. A friend of mine already calls me "Papa Nurgle" which is... somewhat fitting at the moment ;)

But enough chatter about my illness, this week was full of stuff so I think I should stop ranting and start posting more interesting stuff for you :)

First off all the Mantic Games kickstarter for the 2nd edition rulebook (and 2 new armies, Abyssals and Armies of Nature) was funded. Pretty successfully for that, I think the overachieved by over 10 times. OK we all know now the guys from Mantic plan these kickstarters to work like that but still this gives me personally a good feeling if Warhammer Fantasy really goes down the tubes. For me this was the new rulebooks, all the freebies and some new dice and especially the new abyssal dwarf hero on winged beast and the obsidian golem. So in the end they got me as usual.

Second there was my decision last week to go for a PBA membership at Panting Buddha. In the end I was mistaken and a bit confused (too much alcohol that evening)  and only opted for a Big Bruddah but mixed it with the Golden Brick Brick itself which would be the next "grade". So sorry for the "wrong" title of the post. I already wrote about the why and the arguments are the same no matter if Big Bruddah or Golden Brick.
Since I now also have access to the Vimeo group (sorry Michael for the confusion) I am eagerly watching the videos and the exclusive content. So far I am not disappointed. And if the continue their DVD series I will be even more happy :) Love the stuff standing in my shelf.

And last but not least I am playing around with my Nikon and slowly getting a grip on it. First I thought I will need a special macro lens for making nice miniature shots. But as far as I tried around it could also work with the normal kit lens. Better to edit it in Photoshop and cutting out all the unnecessary parts than moving too close to the miniature. That perfectly fits to the experiences the Apes from Massive Voodoo write about in their tutorial. Maybe I will dig a bit more into it and write my own experiences down, for example everyone tells you not to use a flash, but my last tests where pretty nice (for a short WIP at least).

So long,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Throwing the golden brick!

So they got me at last. Yesterday I decided to go for a "Golden Brick" and join the Painting Buddha Academy, switching from the Community College to a "subscription".

From my earlier posts you know that I am quite a "fanboy" of Painting Buddha, because I really appreciate the work they do for the painting community. And with the promo the had running last week which reduced the 42€ to 35€ I couldn't resist anymore. As they explain in their nice promotion trailer that's something around 70ct a week (for me even only something of 60ct a week). And yes I spent more on the last kickstarters than that. Everything seems so logic when they explain it!

As soon as I have my Vimeo access I will most likely talk a bit more about the difference between PBCC and PBA.
Nonetheless I will continue to share the Youtube videos as soon as one chapter is complete thus promoting the free content the Bruddhas produce.

So long,

P.S.: Welcome Solo Wargaming. Just added your blog to my blogroll. Take a seat and take some cookies until Tea is served.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Painting Buddha Academy: Aanchuth series

This time Matt and Mati paint Aanchuth the Cursed from Mierce Miniatures. The series shows you among other things how to paint fur, skin, horns and wood.

As usual I just bundled the free videos together in one playlist. The videos are produced and owned by the Bruddahs from Painting Buddha. All kudos go to them.

If you like the videos, please subscribe to their Youtube-Channel and have a look at their shlog/website.

Hope you enjoy it.

So long,

Some unrelated Post Scriptum after the jump:

Friday, October 3, 2014

Painting Buddha Academy: Horus series is finished

The next video series form the PBCC is finished. This time not only Ben works at the Miniature but also Matt jumps in with painting the base. If you don't know what the PBCC is, please check out Painting Buddha.

As the last time I bundled all the videos from the Horus series together in one playlist. Part 5 (painting the wolf) and Part 7 (painting green marble) are missing because they are only accessible for subscribers, so if you are interested in those or a 1080 version you must opt for a subscription :)

If you like the videos, please subscribe to their Youtube-Channel and have a look at their shlog/website.

But this week there is even more insanity from the guys. Up until now, you got some step-by-step introductions in a PDF if you opted in for one of their subscritpion models. But since Michael is absolutely nuts and hast lost his mind in the plans to conquer the galaxy (just kidding) they know make the PDF availably for everybody and even give out a voucher for those who already bought it.

Hope you enjoy it.

So long,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Painting Buddha Academy: PBCC released the first video in their series

As you all know by now I am a pretty big fan of Painting Buddha and their DVDs. And they don't stop surprising me! Michael, Ben and Mati did another masterstroke: They opened up their own painting academy and just promote it.

If you want to know more about the Painting Academy, the features, costs and everything, please read their very informative and comprehensive blogpost concerning the Painting Buddha Community College.

 And what better way to promote that with the first tutorial video (out of 42 as usual)!

I put the released videos all together in one playlist for your convenience and hope Michael is OK with that. You can find the original blogpost from Painting Buddha on their new website/shop/blog and all the videos on their Youtube Channel.

I myself only opted to take the blue pill and hope they continue to produce DVDs and stuff (which I will most likely buy then) and not switch completely to this community thing. To not take a membership (for now) is just a personal preference, most paid communities I had a look on didn't just convince me. Have to see how the PBCC will be in the future.

Hope you enjoy it.

So long,

P.S.: I think Michael really wants to take over rulership and be "El Presidente" ;)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Painting Buddha Season 1.2 and Season 1.3 arrived

Painting Buddha Season 1.2 Freehand and Season 1.3 Basing: EarthWhat a nice surprise today, when the DHL guy came this afternoon with a small white package for me. I already new what it was so I couldn't resist and tear it open immediately. And as expected it contained the Painting Buddha Season 1.2 Freehand and Season 1.3 Basing: Earth. The package was really packed with the bonus stuff for the early beard and it seems Michael stood up to his promise and adjusted the postage for the package. Included was a short letter, personally signed by all the three guys behind Painting Buddha, the putty, the miniature (early beard stuff) and some small buttons (no clue what they are for).

I am really curious how the DVDs are, especially in comparison to Season 1.1 the first one of the series. So I will have a nice weekend watching those and will definitely do a review for those. And don't they look nice together? All Season 1 DVDs so far:
All Painting Buddha Season 1 DVDs

So long,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Painting a Fire elemental with Ben Komets from Painting Buddha

I am still alive and digging through videos and sometimes even blogposts. But my private projects (planing a hiking tour in Norway and the needed training) or my aquarium (which made some troubles lately) keep me away from painting and even blogging.
But today I stumbled upon a very nice (and free) painting video from our brudahs at Painting Buddha where Ben Komets paints a tabletop quality version of a Drakerys Fire Elemental. So sit back, watch and enjoy:

And as much as I hate advertisement mails, the one from Michael got me rolling and I will surely save me an Early Beard (so funny!) for the season 1.2/1.3 DVD bundle. I loved the first DVD set they did and want to support the work the guys at Painting Buddha do.

So long,

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