Saturday, February 22, 2014

Color theory - 3 Colors Up

Long time no see... But today I will present you at least something hobby related. I put together a playlist from a very good video tutorial series related to color theory. Romain from Beasts of War explains all important parts, be it contrast, complementary colors, color triads and so on.

Complementing this I showed you the Color Scheme Designer some time ago.
So grab your color wheel and start experimenting ;)

So long,

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where's the rum gone...

...I would ask if I would be Jack Sparrow. But since I am definitely not I ask: Where is my motivation gone. It seems the two weeks fighting of the cold sucked out my complete energy. At the moment it is pretty hard for me to hop on my bike let alone painting miniatures. I am glad that I can fulfill the stuff at the office. Which is pretty stressful at the moment.

Sorry to give you no new pictures of my miniatures or anything. Meanwhile you can watch other people who are awesome :)

So long,

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