Thursday, February 26, 2015

Milestone reached: 60.000 hits

So its another milestone which this blog breached: 60.000 hits since I am tracking. Maybe you ask yourself why I am not waiting for the 100k mark for making a happy dance. That's easily explained: I just count this mark more like 50.000 hits because recently I have lots of search engine traffic (but no exact values sadly) so I have to give a best guess.

It seems to pay off that I tried to be a bit more present in Social Media (please check them out if you don't habe already) and in blog/community rolls of big hobby sites (like BoLS or Faeit).

And I was lucky and just hit the blog and was greeted with the perfect number ;-)

So what are the plans for the future? Most likely there will be more Warmachine/Hordes content (as soon as I got my stuff) and also a bit more of Shadows of Brimstone. If everything works fine I may also have a bit more time and I can play some bigger games of Kings of War which my system of choice will most likely be since ATM I see my future not with Warhammer Fantasy. But who knows, maybe the new edition will be excellent.

I also hope that I find more time to paint there are many many miniatures waiting. But that also depends a bit in which games I will play the next months.

I wish you all a food time and thanks for reading this blog!

So long,

Monday, February 23, 2015

MMM - Long time, no see

Wow nearly two weeks since my last post... Time to start posting again with some Monday Music and Musings!

The last weeks where pretty insane. Not only did we do some great winter hiking trips, but I also was overwhelmed with work and had some health issues concerning my back. Thus painting wasn't so much on my table, because if you can't sit for too long, you can't really paint.
I am still waiting for my Hordes stuff (shame on you PP for having thus bad delivering issues). And I have achieved some milestones for the blog, but that I will write down in its own post :)

So this is more a life sign and some motivation music. Johnny Cash - I won't back down:

Enjoy and have a good start into your week.

So long,

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hobby Magazines: Wyrd Chronicles Issue #16

Wyrd Chronicles Volume 16
And another Hobby Magazine this week! Today its the Wyrd Chronicles Volume 16 from (who would have thought it) Wyrd Games (producer from Malifaux if you didn't know).

This issue contains, among other stuff:
  • The Bone Stag Cometh: A Malifaux scenario.
  • All Work, Cosplay: Become your favorite Master!
  • Hazardous Material: In Malifaux, terrain eats you.
  • Peaceful Malifaux: Can you win without fighting?
  • Death of Metal: A Sabertooth Cerberus gets painted.
  • and much more 

As far as I understood it, it is an official magazine from Wyrd Games. Therefore its layout and content is in my opinion pretty well done and I was very surprised while reading it. It even has some more geeky stuff (the Cosplay article) in it, which I really liked because sometimes its good to see some other stuff outside our tabletop box.

So long,

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hobby Magazines: Wargame Bloggers Quarterly Issue #3

Issue #3 of Wargame Bloggers Quarterly a purely community made magazine is out. If you don't know it yet, a short introduction from their Google+ page:
The Wargame Bloggers Quarterly (WBQ) is a FREE community driven electronic magazine (PDF e-Zine) composed of the best wargames and miniature painting content from the collective blogosphere.

It is more based on historical wargaming and thus I can't tell you too much about the contents but the two tutorials are most certainly interesting for all tabletop hobbyists:
  • A tutorial about painting faces
  • A tutorial about basing
  • A rant about 28mm not being a scale

If you haven't checked already, take a look! It is totally free, community made and in my opinion deserves some attention.

So long,

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hobby Magazines: Ironwatch Issue #30

Ironwatch Magazine Issue #30
Ironwatch Magazine Issue #30
Issue #30 of Ironwatch Magazine, the Mantic Games Fanzine has arrived.

As usual it contains a nice mixture of Kings of War, Deadzone and all Mantic related topics like:
  • Q&A with Chris Palmer
  • Humans in the Endless Keep, a Dwarf Kings Hold scenario
  • The Trouble at Gawick upon Tibble, a Kings of War scenario
  • The Battle for Goat Sector 58, a Deadzone batrep
  • and many more

If you haven't checked already, take a look, its free and fanmade and totally supported by Mantic. I like this pretty much therefore I try to spread the word :)

So long,

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday evening WIP

Just a quick WIP shot from my painting table: My first Slasher from Shadows of Brimstone. I played a bit around with my airbrush and tested a bit of (pre)shading. In the end it was a bit too orange and I had to glaze it down.
As base I like it so far, have to think how I will continue with that one (thinking about either black claws or more natural ones pending to a nearly eggshell color). And yes there are some moldlines which I didn't see while prepping the miniature. But to be honest I just don't care anymore at this stage for a plain test/gaming miniature. That's why I also saved me from stuffing all the holes and stuff.

And I want to give a short shout-out to Quidam Corvus who once again gave a back link to me which gives me today some nice traffic and visitors :)

So long,

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