Monday, March 24, 2014

Real life incoming!

Maybe you wondered if I am still into blogging after this really quite time now. Yes I am but my Work-Life-Balanc eis totally out of control. The last weeks we are preparing a bigger relaunch of the companies web page I am working at and are now in the hot phase for it. Last week I even was on a working trip in rumania which brought lots of nice impressions (although I didn't see much other than the office I was working at). Since I was "announced" as technical frontent responsive this is quite a change for me, I have much more responsibility now and want to stand up to the expectations my colleagues put into me..

Therefore I don't find the passion and quiet for painting or even working on my blog. Which is a shame since I finally got an answer from BoLS concerning the addition to their blogroll. I even don't find the time to follow my dearest blogs so please bear with me and be sure that I will have a look into all your blogs and will comment again when I find the time.

Hope you all have a good time until then.

So long,

Friday, March 7, 2014

FFotW - The Battle of Finuval Plain

The Battle of Finuval Plain
Battle of Finuval Plain from Hoodling
Today again something more hoby related. Perhaps some of you remember the last massive battlereport from Hoodling (The Battle of Hel Fenn) I posted a while ago. And he and his mad crew did it again: An unbelievable battle(report) of 25.000 points forces clashing into each other! Stand wide-eyed (or drooling) and read the madness of The Battle of Finuval Plain.

The Battle of Finuval Plain was a turning point in The Great War against Chaos in 2301 IC. The Dark Elves and their Chaos allies conquered the Blighted Isle and Nagarythe and started their raiding camapign on Ulthuan. After long fights favoring the Dark Elves and pushing the High Elves into some kind of geruilla war Teclis and Tyrion gathered a huge force and gathered on the Finuval Plain for a last stand fight to turn the tide of the war.

Take some time and read those many posts on his blog and enjoy the awesome (and pictured!) documentation how this battle went. Did the history books really tell the truth? At least you can read one version of this story today.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

So long,

P.S.: Welcome abroad to The Lord of Excess. Hope you found some interesting stuff here.

Monday, March 3, 2014

MMM - Elder Scrolls Online Music

Wow long time since I wrote my last Monday Morning Music post. So time for a new one! You could suppose I would post something concerning our 5th season of the year, the "Fasnet" or "Fastnacht" as its called in my region. But since I am not into this festivity anymore I chose something different.

I had the luck to get a Beta Key for the stresstest weekend of The Elder Scrolls Online which I really enjoyed. Something which flashed me (besides the awesome graphics, the free character development and the cool stories) was the music in the game. Everytime I came near a tavern or a campfire and a npc bard was present they really performed songs! Not just some other music, real songs. That immensely pays in the general atmosphere of the game and therefore I will give you two examples from Malukah:

Hope you enjoy it.

So long,

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