Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We are Back in the Future!

Just to spread some geekiness: Today is Back to the Future Day! If you don't know the movies: When Marty McFly got in the Delorean (his time machine), he went forward to today! Even if the scetched future of the movie is not the present, it is absolutely awesome (in a geeky way).

So if you have the possibility enjoy the movies today (many tv channels or streaming providers have the movies today on broadcast).

So long,

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Terrain from spare parts: Building a dead tree

Today I want to continue with my articles about how you can make terrain out of chunk or spare parts. This time I will show you, how you can make a dead tree (the one you can see on the left side) completely from chunk.

What you will need for this:
- Paper towel
- A twig or dried flower stem
- Something for a base (e.g. a washer)
- Glue
- Sand/Earth
- Static grass/flock (completely optional)

Paper towel

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Blog Babble - Interested in photography stuff?

Long time no see (again). But as usual I am drowning in work. My travel to Romania didn't help either and the loss of all my prepared post made it even worse. But hey, in Germany we have a saying "Unkraut vergeht nicht" ("A cat has nine lives"?). So Yes I am still here and No I haven't recovered from the loss of the articles yet.

But since I started hiking again and started experimenting with my DSLR (perhaps you remember my older article about it) I have a question to you all: Are you interested in a) Landscape pictures and more important b) Tutorials about using a DSLR and filters and maybe even picture composing/editing? If so, I will start with some articles to this topic.

So long,

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