Monday, August 26, 2013

MMM: Naughty Boy - Lalala

This weeks MMM is a bit late due to some proxy problems I had (I really like our GEMA who blocked this video although it was posted by the rights owner). This time I show you Naughty Boy - Lalala. First time I heard in the radio I was like: "Hm nice song, especially the singing kid". Next time I saw this video on Viva and went: "Yeah nice video, has something magical. Great text..." But today it struck me: This video is an adaption of a bolivian legend.

The legend goes roughly like that: A deaf boy who has the ability to sense the bad in the world is abused by his dad and one day runs away from home. His dad doesn't even bother to search for him and so he wanders around finding a homeless dog who accompanies him on his journey. One day, he finds an old man who is being abused by villagers while being taunted and ridiculed. By screaming, the boy conjures an earthquake and resolves the situation (in some versions the man dies and he revives him). Together they journey on and meet a disfigured man who was abused and made fun of because his malformed face. The man reveals that he is a shaman who was cursed by a demon (El Tio) because he didn't worship him. El Tio "The uncle" is considered as the lord of the underworld, to whom mortal people offer gifts to him in order to be protected by him or to ease his anger. The shaman said anybody who could hear the demon would fall under his control. Together they go to the place where the demon should reside and arrive at a mine where the demon is supposed to be. At the entry the whispering of unknown words in a unknown language is heard and all the companions of the boy cover of fear. Only the deaf boy could not be cursed by the demon, and enters the cave to face the demon alone. While his friends leave, they can hear him start screaming and therefore overvoice the daemon and stop him from cursing the world.

Pretty nice story, no?
Have a nice start into your week!

So long,

P.S.: Sad sidefact: The mines in bolivia where the last sequences of the video were shot still have kids labour until today.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Short Blogger Update

While I am thinking of how I will write my review of the Painting Buddha DVDs I am also thing about some blog changes. First I think of changing the layout a bit into one bigger column left and two columns right. That would also give me the opportunity to place the blogger networks on the most right column and would give me entry to the BoL network. Hopefully this could bring some more traffic on my blog.
Another thing I think of are future posts... I am still fiddling with my video setup with no satisfying results at the moment so nothing new on this front.
So yeah pretty much on the conceptial part.

While I am on it. I do some advertisement for the Painting Buddha DVDs. Although I haven't written my review yet, I can say that this is a pretty good set.

So long,

P.S.: No I am not sponsored by the president, I just like what he and the other guys are doing. :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

FFotW - The Innovation of Loneliness

The Innovation of Loneliness is a really nice presentation. I especially liked the design and flow which is realised here.

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.
What is the connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely?
Inspired and Based on the wonderful book by Sherry Turkle - Alone Together.
Also Based on Dr. Yair Amichai-Hamburgers hebrew article -The Invention of Being Lonely.

Funny sidefact: My wife almost immediately said: "Ah yes I know the book and the article and I can't agree with some of the stuff in this presentation". So this brought a nice topic for evenly discussion :)

So long,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Papercut - Shack

Papercut shack: Front Papercut shack: Back
Just a short update on my papercut section. Perhaps you have seen this terrain piece already in my battle reports. But I just wanted to upload some close ups. This is the small shack which was included in the 5th edition starterbox for Warhammer Fantasy. So yes, pretty old this thing and pretty much documents my hobby career. This was the second starterbox our playing group bought and I think I have the box somehwere flying around :)
This is really nothing fancy, I just glued it onto a base and painted the edges in the appropriate color to mask the white cardboard. Back then we only worked with thick cardboard for bases but as you can see they warp over time. I won't re-base it because I fear that I will destroy the shack itself while doing it.

Enlightenment of the day: I need a bigger photobox, my photobucket is too small for bigger pieces. Otherwise I would have completed the post with the corresponding house. So that will be something for another post.

So long,

Monday, August 19, 2013

WIP - Ramshackle Games Dunny

WIP - Ramshackle Games Dunny
WIP - Ramshackle Games Dunny
Some fast WIP shots from the Dunny. As said I am experimenting with the weathering a bit. So far the Dunny is primed, base colored with some dark metal paint, washed with Vallejo Smokey Ink, with some selfmade wash from Vallejo Halcon Turquoise and with a selfmade wash from different pigments.
I think I will try some more pigmenting perhaps in a mixture of glue, baking soda and pigments to get the rough rust feeling. And some painted on pigments without any solvent.

At the end I will drybrush the whole thing to get a more metallic look back. And weather it again a bit down, depending on the overall result. I know it doesn't look very clean but I want a rusted look as far as I can get it :)

Just realised that something weird happened while uploading the pictures. Therefore I adjusted the post a bit.

So long,

MMM - Ukulele potpourri

Finally our efforts on fighting our bug invasion show success. Without using some nuclear rockets or planet killers :) So it is time for some more blogging stuff and I can return to posting my Monday Morning Music post today which will consist of some Ukulele potpourri :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Today I somehow felt like a soldier from Starship Troopers. I don't know exactly where they all appeared but we have an invasion of bugs in our supply closet. So today was full of clearing the room, checking everything we stored (flour, herbs, different sorts of rice etc. pp.) cleaning all the shelves and trying to find the hatchery. At least we know know WHICH bug invades us. In english I think it is the wheat weevil. As far as I could find the information this thing nests in flour or other food (e.g. the dry food of our cats of which we will have caught them we think) and has a rather quick life cycle. If you do not fight them, they can easily multiply their population in a few weeks. So we spent over 3 hours with searching, examining, cleaning and throwing stuff away. Hopefully this will start to work.
At least we didn't find a brainbug :)

Therefore: No painting today, the Dunny only got a basecoat of dark metal. I wanted to start with some rust experiments but after this meee today I really wasn't in the mood. I rather repaired the bike of my wife and tinkered the clutch of our small trailer to my bike. Perfect for the necessary short shopping trip today :) Hope tomorrow I find some time to paint. Want to try out to achieve some rust effect with stippling browns and oranges onto the Dunny...

So long,

P.S.: And a new fellow on board my little flying vessel. Hello Miniature Man, take a seat and have good time :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Ramshackle Games - Dunny & Drill

Ramshackle Games
Today Labschi brought me a small package from Ramshackle Games, some late birthday presents which took some time before they finally arrived in Germany. It contained the "Dunny" and the "Boring Machine". The two pieces were pretty good protected with thick layers of air cushion foil. Therefore everything was undamaged and ready to be prepared and reviewed.
The resin is somewhat heavy (much heavier than I thought) and had a really bad smell on it. On touch you could feel the thin film of abherent which had a somewhat slimy feel on it. But after cleaning it with some dish soap both the slimy feeling and the smell was completely gone.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Painting Buddha - Season 1.1:Target Identified | The Miniatures

Metal box containing the Miniatures The Painting Buddha seal
After unboxing the Season 1.1:Target Identified set and having all the stuff lying around I decided to split my review into different parts because it really would be too much text for only one post. Additionally the box contains of 6 DVDs with two different approaches to painting the miniatures (and the base) so I will cover them later after I watched them completely and have a better and more general opinion of all the stuff (my first impression is a very good one). The miniatures are delivered in a small metal box with the Painting Buddha logo which is sealed with a sweet, little sticker. As already said, these small details give me the feeling that there are people at work who love(d) what they are doing. At this point of writing I notice that I completely forgot to take a picture of the miniatures inside the opened box, but you can see it on the overview picture in my first glance post if you want.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Painting Buddha - Season 1.1:Target Identified | First glance

Painting Buddha - Season 1.1:Target Identified | Box
Wohoo a long awaited package finally arrived: The Painting Buddha - Season 1.1:Target Identified DVD set is finally in my hands.
This boxed set was a birthday present from my wife and although it was marked as sent from Monday on it only arrived yesterday...
But nonetheless I am really happy that this thingy now is mine. And I couldn't wait to unpack this box. As you see the postal package is tightly packed with no air to move for the box. Unluckily the stuff inside wasn't protected by airfoil or something like this but luckily the content wasn't hurt even if the package had some small damages.

Painting Buddha - Season 1.1:Target Identified | Unboxed
So what is inside? Inside is a personalized letter (addressed to my wife since it was a present), a certify card with the dvd number and a "hoopy" "Thank you" from the 3 producers, a small brochure with "How to prepare the miniatures", a small brochure which introduces Painting Buddha and their goals and targets, a pretty cool, sealed metal box with the minis (and the optional base) inside and the DVD box.
I REALLY like all the fine details you can find here, e.g. the metal box is sealed with Buddha stickers, the brochures are of really high quality. On the first look this stuff really holds the promise of "we do this with love and passion".

I can't wait to remove the protecting foil of the DVDs an risk a first look. But first my wife had a Tupperware Party and we had to prepare some stuff and clean up everything :)
So stay tuned for a closer look into this box.


Basket full of gifts

Clay shaper
Perhaps you remember that I had my birthday some weeks ago. After having my birthday party last weekend and receiving lots of hobby related presents there, I thought I want to share with you the stuff which was given to me. A big thanks to all my friends and family for supporting my nerd hobby!

From my mother-in-law I got a whole bunch of modelling tools. First I got some modelling brushes or clay shaper or whatever these things are called in English :) That was really something I missed at my last experiments. And I also have the need for them in a future project I am planning at the moment.

Friday, August 9, 2013

FFotW: Bill Cosby - Himself

I think most of you know Bill Cosby from the "Bill Cosby Show". But he also is a standup comedian and the "Bill Cosby - Himself" show is really awesome. One man, a microphone and a chair. Nothing more needed.
I nearly fell of my chair with laughing. Pretty stupid if you are on work ;)

Hope you do enjoy him as much as I did.

So long,

P.S.: I am still waiting for the painting buddha DVDs and hoping I can do a review of them soon. Perhaps I'll try to do one of the DVD of Jeremy meanwhile... We'll see.

Monday, August 5, 2013

MMM - Spaghetti Western Orchestra

MMM - Spaghetti Western Orchestra

If you are a fan of old spaghetti westerns and especially the soundtracks of Ennio Morricone you will also like the Spaghetti Western Orchestra :)

Have a good start into your week.

So long,

Friday, August 2, 2013

FFotW - Warlord Games Day Coverage from Brückenkopf

FFotW - Warlord Games Day
©Warlord Games
Maybe you already found it in some newstickers but nonetheless I want to mention this great coverage of the Warlord Games Day from Brückenkopf. Especially since I am normally not into historical wargaming. But this coverage shows some phenomenal gaming tables and lots of the surrounding of this event. Even if you can't read german there are lots of pictures (and maybe a translator of your choice can help understanding the texts).

Warlord Games Day - Coverage Part I
Warlord Games Day - Coverage Part II
Warlord Games Day - Coverage Part III

The event was also a open house, and gave some insights into production and packaging of Warlord Games.

Warlord Games Open House

It really seems this was a great event. After coverages like these I can slowly understand why many are big fans of historical wargaming and the events that are held.

So long,

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