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Welcome aboard Paradox0ns flying circus

Airship ready to launch
Come in, have a seat and enjoy the sight. We will launch in a few minutes. Canapés and Champagne will be served when we are on travel height.
The weather is wonderful, nearly no wind and clouds therefore expect a calm flight to our destination.
Governance control reports no pirate airships in sight and our guardian ships are fully loaded and manned with the best pilots his majesty could afford.

Have a nice day!

Something about me

I'm a wargamer who started wargaming again after taking a break of more than 10 years . In this blog I'm trying to show you some things from my workbench hoping to inspire your own projects and take you aboard my journey of painting mysteries.
As you can see I'm a big steampunk fan and maybe I can find some nice miniatures fitting this theme in the near future.

Recently I digged deeper into Warmachine/Hordes with my own Legion of Everblight host. After some games I really like the system, so I will most likely post a bit more stuff related to it.

With all the changes in End Times I honestly have to admit that my interest in Warhammer Fantasy dwindled even more. And my only gaming mate here quit the gaming hobby for the moment. Thus I will not play Fantasy in the near future it seems.
That is a big chance for Kings of War, because I have some friends who aren't into WHFB since a long time, but a more clear and time oriented gaming approach appeals to them. Maybe I can squeeze in some games.

Sharing is caring

If you followed my blog already a bit, you may have recognized that I have a special blogroll on the right side. This one is for the people who regularly leave comments on my blog and support me with ideas and help and all the stuff. This blogroll has only a few selected entries, so your blog will be present much longer than in my usual blogroll. So if you want to be part of it: Comment, Share, Like my stuff ;)
Otherwise I will add every follower of my blog to my normal blogroll (if he has a visible blog) and make a short shout-out in one of my following posts.
I would be happy if you would add me to your blogrolls in return, thus we can create a big circle and increase the audience for our posts.

Social media/Networking

Something where I only recently started to experiment with. Makes lots of fun, I can reach a different audience than only with the blog. And for short updates and stuff it is much more appropriate than making a two line post on the blog. So if you are also present on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ I would be happy if you like/follow me. As usual I will return the favor ;)

So feel free to browse the content and if you like what you see, leave a comment and/or follow this blog :)

So long,

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