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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Milestone reached: 60.000 hits

So its another milestone which this blog breached: 60.000 hits since I am tracking. Maybe you ask yourself why I am not waiting for the 100k mark for making a happy dance. That's easily explained: I just count this mark more like 50.000 hits because recently I have lots of search engine traffic (but no exact values sadly) so I have to give a best guess.

It seems to pay off that I tried to be a bit more present in Social Media (please check them out if you don't habe already) and in blog/community rolls of big hobby sites (like BoLS or Faeit).

And I was lucky and just hit the blog and was greeted with the perfect number ;-)

So what are the plans for the future? Most likely there will be more Warmachine/Hordes content (as soon as I got my stuff) and also a bit more of Shadows of Brimstone. If everything works fine I may also have a bit more time and I can play some bigger games of Kings of War which my system of choice will most likely be since ATM I see my future not with Warhammer Fantasy. But who knows, maybe the new edition will be excellent.

I also hope that I find more time to paint there are many many miniatures waiting. But that also depends a bit in which games I will play the next months.

I wish you all a food time and thanks for reading this blog!

So long,

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday evening WIP

Just a quick WIP shot from my painting table: My first Slasher from Shadows of Brimstone. I played a bit around with my airbrush and tested a bit of (pre)shading. In the end it was a bit too orange and I had to glaze it down.
As base I like it so far, have to think how I will continue with that one (thinking about either black claws or more natural ones pending to a nearly eggshell color). And yes there are some moldlines which I didn't see while prepping the miniature. But to be honest I just don't care anymore at this stage for a plain test/gaming miniature. That's why I also saved me from stuffing all the holes and stuff.

And I want to give a short shout-out to Quidam Corvus who once again gave a back link to me which gives me today some nice traffic and visitors :)

So long,

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shadows of Brimstone: Hellbat

Just a short shot from my workbench: My first Hellbat from Shadows of Brimstone. I tried out a color scheme which I may use for my Legion of Everblight if they arrive finally. And I also tried out some wetblending (the tongue) just to get a feel for paint consistency and stuff. Must be improved but at least I did some painting again :)

More to the miniatures if I painted the complete batch of them.

So long,

Monday, January 5, 2015

A kind of review: My 2014

2014 has ended some days ago, I came over those bridge days where I had to work and slowly I am getting in the hobby mood again (besides needing some vacation). Therefore I thought a view back to last year would be something nice to do on the blog and a somehow nice thing to start the hobby season with.

2014 started really slow concerning blogging. My real life kept me from doing anything fancy on the blog. First Papa Nurgle put his arms around me and afterwards I had a pretty tough project on work which kept my complete attention. Lots to learn and test out. But in the end this trouble paid off and we delivered a great product and among others are now listed 2nd place on a pretty relevant listing in our  field after a very very big company (starting from place 5). So lots of happy faces here :)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shadows of Brimstone: Tentacles done!

Finally I finished the first batch of Tentacles from Shadows of Brimstone. If you haven't any idea what Shadows of Brimstone is about, you can check my unboxing of the two core sets where I give a first impression of the content and style of the game.
I decided to go with a two color scheme since the game has normal and brutal monsters and by giving the tentacles different colors I can differ later in the game between the two.
After forcing myself through those miniatures (more of that later) I can give you also a first and short review of the miniatures.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Unboxing: Shadows of Brimstone

As promised I will do an unboxing of the Shadows of Brimstone core sets from Flying Frog Productions which I backed on Kickstarter. As stated in an earlier post, the two core sets arrived to my surprise last week. Since I hoped that the results of this project wouldn't be as disappointing as the Sedition Wars rules, I was very exited for the package to arrive. Another big reason was, that I mainly backed this game because it is played cooperatively and therefore Mrs. Para was also in this game. She doesn't like Descent too much (at least in playing it with only 2 players) because you play against each other.

Shadows of Brimstone is a Old West Horror board game. Meaning that you will play heroes placed in a wild west setting  and encountering some horror creatures in different locations.

Warning: I will not show the miniatures in this post, I completely leave them out because some of them are huge(!) and I don't know how they will fit in the boxes after I assembled them. Most likely I will have to do some magnetizing. Therefore I will cover them in a later article.

For this unboxing I will try to show the contents of both boxes in parallel because at some points they are pretty similar to each other. So let's see what is in the boxes (big wall of text incoming)!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Shadows of Brimstone - First wave arrived

What a nice surprise that awaited me when I came home from work: The two "Shadows of Brimstone" core sets arrived today! Heavy, big and totally unexpected. I thought they would arrive sometime around Christmas. Couldn't wait to open it, therefore I teared open the package and was pretty happy with the stuff I got so far.
This evening I will start to break out all the markers and stuff, and maybe even glue together all the miniatures. Some of them seem to be reeeaaaally big! My wife already said: Let's grasp a bottle of whine and study the rules. Very cool, seems she likes the idea behind the game and that you can play it in coop unlike Descent where you always have the Dungeonmaster who plays against the other players.

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