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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Back from Andalusia

I am back from a well earned and thoroughly needed vacation. This time my wife and I did a long wished trip to Andalusia to have a look at all the Moorish influenced monuments and stuff. This was also something on our bucket list, so the Alhambra in Granada and Mezquita in Cordoba are now crossed out :)

It was a very nice experience, we planned the trip ourselves (after getting some offers from agencies which were incredible expensive) and went with a rental car and tent on a round trip to Andalusia. For cost saving reasons we started in Madrid (flights and rental cars were much cheaper there) and accepted the 4 hours drive to Granada. We had then 11 days to to all the crazy sight-seeing and driving around including some hiking trips and where blown away by the differences and the strong Arabic influences in this region. In Granada we even saw signs to the monuments in Arabic!

Our tour was like: Madrid  Granada & Capileira  Torre del Mar & Malaga  Grazalema & Ronda Sevilla  Cordoba  Madrid. So it was quite a hardcore tour ;) Especially since we tried to get to all of the monuments and cathedrals possible. I think we did every day some kind of a 15 - 20 km walking trip.

We made zillions of pictures (ok only 1100) and have to sort all the impressions and stuff now. So I think I will make another post with some of the pictures from the trip.

Was it worth it? Absolutely!
Hope you all also had a good time the last 3 weeks :)

So long,

Monday, January 5, 2015

A kind of review: My 2014

2014 has ended some days ago, I came over those bridge days where I had to work and slowly I am getting in the hobby mood again (besides needing some vacation). Therefore I thought a view back to last year would be something nice to do on the blog and a somehow nice thing to start the hobby season with.

2014 started really slow concerning blogging. My real life kept me from doing anything fancy on the blog. First Papa Nurgle put his arms around me and afterwards I had a pretty tough project on work which kept my complete attention. Lots to learn and test out. But in the end this trouble paid off and we delivered a great product and among others are now listed 2nd place on a pretty relevant listing in our  field after a very very big company (starting from place 5). So lots of happy faces here :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Impressions from Majorca - Part I: Attractions

Cathedral of Palma - La Seu Cathedral of Palma - La Seu
As promised I will start with some impressions of our Majorca trip a week ago. It is not easy to sort and select all those pictures (we did ~370 pictures in one week) so I decided to separate the pictures into two categories: sight seeing and landscape. With the sight seeing I will start today and dive directly into the pictures of the cathedral of Majorca, the town's landmark. So watch out: Picture heavy and wall of text ahead!

The "Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma" or just "La Seu"is a gothic roman catholic cathedral build on the site of an earlier existing mosque (Majorca has a pretty turbulent history with lots of captures and stuff). The construction began ~1230 but was finished in 1601 when the main portal was sanctified. Around 1850 the main facade was reconstructed and was only finished in the early 20th century.

The cathedral now is on of the main attractions in Palma and you have to pay to visit it (~6€ pP). We did that and spend some time there. As I know many Gothic churches/cathedrals here in Germany (especially the Freiburger Münster) I wasn't that impressed by La Seu. It is beautiful and especially the altar is quite impressive.

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