Monday, October 27, 2014

Shadows of Brimstone - First wave arrived

What a nice surprise that awaited me when I came home from work: The two "Shadows of Brimstone" core sets arrived today! Heavy, big and totally unexpected. I thought they would arrive sometime around Christmas. Couldn't wait to open it, therefore I teared open the package and was pretty happy with the stuff I got so far.
This evening I will start to break out all the markers and stuff, and maybe even glue together all the miniatures. Some of them seem to be reeeaaaally big! My wife already said: Let's grasp a bottle of whine and study the rules. Very cool, seems she likes the idea behind the game and that you can play it in coop unlike Descent where you always have the Dungeonmaster who plays against the other players.

And since I am already at posting: Thanks for your feedback on my post about my thoughts to blogging. This post is the most viewed one since I started blogging. In only two days it was on top of the statistics. And I hit my personal blog record of views on one day with nearly 900 views. Pretty awesome (although I said you shouldn't care too much about statistics)!

Maybe you also noticed that I changed the Google+ widget to a more general social media one. Seems like Blogger lost my connection to Google+ and I opened up a facebook page on the weekend, to be on both big platforms. So I created my own "widget" to make it easier to get in touch with my Google+ page, my Facebook page and my RSS-Feed.

Additionally I found my motivation to paint again. Therefore my Ramshackle Drill is mostly finished and I started with another small project. Surprisingly my paint pooled upon the Games Workshop primer when I used my airbrush, a behavior I never experienced before. Once again a reason why I will not switch back to them after I emptied the cans and will stick to the airbrush primers from Vallejo which I reviewed some time ago. Pictures for the Drill and the new project will follow soon. At the moment I am just happy about the today's surprise.

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