Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Terrain made of aquarium decoration

Because we have two cats, we are pretty often in pet shops in our area. And since I re-started with the wargaming hobby, I always looked out for stuff to build cheap and easy terrain pieces with. Not long ago I found some big trees in the fish department and I took a closer look and instantly bought the piece.
I don't remeber the manufacturer or the store where I bought it, but it was around 4-5€ and is really tall (measures 10 cm in width and 11cm in height).

I just glued it on an old CD, sanded the base, drybrushed everything and gave a quick painting shot for the glowing warpstone. Et voilà, a warped tree is finished:

Shot to see the warpstone
Shot to see the broken bark
and the glowing warpstone

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