Sunday, May 20, 2012

HowTo: Photobucket

Everytime I made some photos I cursed because without the right equipment the pictures often get somewhat blurry, oversatureated or shiny. Therefore I searched for an easy way to build me place where I can make my pictures. Prices for professional equipment ranges from 40€ to open end and I didn't want to spent my money on something like this (the money saved could be invested in paints/miniatures or a nice evening with my wife). The best solution for low budget I found (in different places) seems to be the photobucket:

Photo bucket at no cost

Thats just the first try with it. The bucket I got from my mother who works in a kitchen in hospital, its a 10l bucket. I cut out a hole in one of the sides of the bucket, put some white paper on the bottom and a white paper at the back so that it reflects the light and put a miniature inside. Then I made a picture with my smartphone as usual and edited it with GIMP (color and contrast correction and cropping it to 800x600, no editing magic involved):

Androids inside the bucket
I think the difference is notable. I have some ideas how to improve this setup, this was just done in 10 minutes.

So long,

I found some examples for building the bucket at:
Massive Voodoo
Lighting Academy


  1. Are you kidding me? Just a normal white 10L bucket, cut a hole, and call it finito? Wowzers.. and here I had put together something more elaborate, that is not producing the same kind of results each time.. will have to give this a go as well.. you seem to be on fire with great advice as of late!

    1. Sometimes the easy way is the best way :)
      Yes I have some more things in production, they will come step by step.
      If you like what you read spread the word :) Seems you are the only one at the moment who reads regularly.

  2. This is a pretty slick idea. As soon as I get my hands on a bucket like this, I am going to try it out.

    I found your blog via House of Paincakes, and I like what I see. Keep up the good work, friend.


    1. Thanks for your nice comment. These buckets are used in canteenes or big supermarkets to store their stuff, perhaps you can get your hands on one from there. Apart from that hardware stores have them in their product line. But then they will cost something :)


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