Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday Night WIP - Dark Elves: Cauldron of Blood

WIP - Dark Elves: Cauldron of Blood
After a rather restless night, I can show you some WIP shots for my version of the Cauldron of Blood for the Dark Elves.
The Cauldron is not the one from Games Workshop it is the Spawning Vessel from the Legion of Everblight. The acolythes will be used later as beastmasters for my hydra :)
Since I am a rather classical RPG player the thought of a statue carried by three wicked witches was not really appealing to me. It is too heavy, too clumsy and doesn't fit to my imagination of the Cauldron. And I was not willing to pay ~40€ for a modell I don't like and where I had to cut off half of it... The old model (more a chariot than anything else) is also not the best one (but fitted to the old rules) and only buyable via the Bay or similar places. So I bought myself a witch commando, the spawn vessel and a battle standard (more of her in a future article) and started thinking.

WIP - Dark Elves: Cauldron of Blood
I like the idea of a rather magical cauldron which the hags can carry around when needed and where the witch is given magical power to work her blessings. A bit like the Drow way from D&D. Therefore I used some red, pink, and violet tones for the emerging monster and violet and pink tones for the runes. Since the rest of my army is rather dark and with green tones, I think this will really pop and I will use these tones for the rest of my witches too to make them pop out more.

Its the first time for me trying some glowing effect and on the original miniature I really like the outcome (its no OSL or such fancy stuff). The metal parts are painted with gold and weathered with gryphone sepia and a selfmade wash of halcon tourqoise. I then highlighted it with gunmetal metal.
Some critical thoughts: I really should have used some modelling putty to conceal the large gap in the vessel itself. But since this is one of my models of the "Wall of Shame" I just continued the already started paintjob.

Next steps will be making a base for this thing and painting the witches :) Since I have taken up the gauntlet for a warhammer battle, I want to paint at least the cauldron and tinker the base for it. Therefore my Cawdors from Necromunda have to wait since they will only wander in the cabinet :)

So stay tuned,

P.S.: I don't know why I do color correction and everything with my photos when they are altered when I upload them *grrrr*


  1. A very interesting model and I like the color scheme.

    1. Thanks!
      It seems to be rather common by dark elf players who don't have to play in GW stores and can therefore replace models. I am experimenting with the base atm so stay tuned :)


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