Monday, March 2, 2015

MMM - Live long and prosper

Today I want to start my Monday Music and Musings with some grief and loss: On Friday Leonard Nimoy died. Most of you will know him as Spock from the original Star Trek series. May he rest in piece or as he always said: "Live Long and Prosper!"

I think nearly noone coined a character so much as Mr. Nimoy did with Mr. Spock. Fun fact: He also wrote two books, one called "I am not Mr. Spock" and one "I am Mr. Spock".

I personally was very happy that he showed up in the newer movies of Star Trek and clearly he will never be forgotten by his fans.
Fitting to that the intro of the original series:

In terms of the hobby nothing new. I am still waiting for my Hordes stuff. Slowly I get pretty pissed because now its two months waiting. At least my epoxy stickers arrived. Surprisingly not from Hong Kong but from Singapore :)

So stay tuned. I hope soon some stuff happens again (e.g. Hordes Battreps).

So long,

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